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Better Than You Feel Book by Drenda Keesee

What if I told you that you possess a powerful key to success, one that can transform your life? It's a key that might be working against you right now if you don't know how to harness sits power.

That key is emotions!

In Better Than You Feel, Drenda Keesee teaches you how to ignite your relationships, your daily routine, and your professional life with purpose priorities and plans for success. It's time to deeply understand yourself, so you can achieve your heart's desires. It's time to stop allowing negative feelings to lead you toward bad decisions - which hinder your success and harm the ones your love.

Your Words, Your World 2-CD Set by Gary Keesee

You are speaking. What kind of world are your words creating? Do you ever find yourself saying things that are negative? Things like: "I could never afford that," "I'm so sick and tired," "Yeah right, in my dreams," or "What's wrong with me?" Did you know our world is dictated by words? Medical doctors have now proven that your brain believes and enacts what your mouth says. In this new mind-blowing series by Gary Keesee, you'll understand the full meaning behind "life and death are in the power of YOUR tongue".

What you say dictates how you live, what you believe, how you feel and where you end up at the end of your life. Your words are a good thermometer for the condition and temperature of your heart. Gary will help you evaluate what direction your words are taking you and how to set the course of your destiny with what you say every day. You are speaking. What kind of world are your words creating?

Better Than You Feel Book, Your Words CD Set, and Motivational Window Clings

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