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Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Allegiance Book

Read this book if you are:

  • Fed up with your financial situation
  • Want to get out of debt
  • Do not know where to begin
  • Hopeless
Gary Keesee has been there himself. For nine very long years, his life was in intense emotional turmoil due to his horrible financial state. Creditor calls, IRS liens, judgments, and shame were a way of life for him. But it all changed one day when God spoke to Gary about his finances and gave him the secret that radically changed his life!

He became debt free, started multi-million dollar companies, and currently shares the keys that changed his life on his television broadcast, Fixing the Money Thing, that airs in every time zone in the world on a daily basis.

Gary has taught these concepts to hundreds of thousands of people around the world in conferences and personal appearances. He will agree that there are many principles that are part of living a successful life. But if he had to share just one, it would be this one.

Gary invites you to join the revolution and radically change your finances through the Power of Allegiance.

Discovering God's Promises USB Drive

The Discovering God's Promises USB Drive contains over 30 hours of teaching from Gary!

1. Understanding Kingdom Authority 4 CD teaching
2. Heaven Here and Now Single CD teaching
3. The Mystery of Giving 4CD teaching
4. The Power of a Promise 4CD teaching
5. Are You One of God's Favorites? 4CD teaching
6. Your Words, Your World 2 CD teaching
7. Live Whole: God's Healthcare Plan 6 CD teaching

Financial Freedom Workbook W/DVD

Debt has become a way of life in America causing families to give up their dreams and zeal for life. Many people would rather be doing something else with their lives, but instead have traded their joy to pay the creditor.

This is not how God designed you to live! He is a God of victory and success and has placed within you the desire to succeed and fulfill your destiny.

In this workbook, I will walk you through the life-changing principles that God taught me and my family as well as practical steps that will provide a way for you to be debt free, including your mortgage, in seven years or less!

It's time to stop putting up with less than God has for you, and start experiencing financial freedom and a life of excitement!

Workbook Includes:

  • Practical How-To Guide
  • Reflection Questions
  • Budget Worksheets
  • Sample Debt Elimination Plan
  • Instructional DVD

Financial Freedom/God's Promises Pk

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