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“My life was changed radically by the power of God, and it’s my life goal for people to know that.” 

—Gary Keesee

In the 16 years since Gary Keesee wrote Faith Hunt—the book he considers to be a record of how God used something small in his life to help him discover how faith works—he’s shared his personal stories and the Kingdom principles he learned thousands of times and has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives as a result.




Whether you’re a hunter or not, the exciting stories of the power and principles of the Kingdom of God in this devotional and prayer journal will capture your attention and motivate you to believe God for more than you ever have before.


Full of compelling, real-life stories, Your Faith Hunt is designed to help you start a new habit—the habit of being actively on the hunt for the Kingdom of God—of searching determinedly for more of Him, pursuing all He has planned for your life, and capturing all He has already promised you. 


It’s just the tool you need for your own life-changing journey!

Faith Hunt Book

If you're tired of freezing in a deer stand and never getting results, or fishing for the big one and he always gets away, then this book is for you!

For many years Gary's love for hunting led him from disappointment to disappointment, until he discovered the principle of faith. It was then that his life changed forever.

You will be enthralled by the exciting hunting stories Gary has recorded over the years and the principles of faith he has learned from each one.

God's Word and its principles hold the keys that have given Gary 100% success in the hunt for 16 years. God cares about everything that concerns your lives, and His principle of faith will work for you.

Faith Hunt Book and Devotional Package

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