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God has a great plan for your life.

You have a destiny and a place that God has called you to, somewhere new He wants to lead you.

But to go anywhere new, you have to leave where you are.

Now is that time.

Now is the time for you to GET UP and GO!

Join Gary Keesee for this eye-opening and motivating four-part mentorship series full of practical tips, insight, Scriptures, and personal stories, and learn:

  • What God says you need to leave behind in order to get to where He wants to take you.
  • Three specific ways you can avoid settling for less than God has for you.
  • The steps you need to know to follow God to your destiny.
  • And much more!

God has so much more for you than where you are now and what you can see.

He wants to make your name great so that people will be drawn to Him by the answers they see in your life.

God wants to use you!

It's time to GET UP and GO!

CD Titles:

  • The Blessing: Why Not?
  • Who Can God Trust with the Assignment?
  • Leave to Go: Part One
  • Leave to Go: Part Two

Are you ready to pursue all God has for YOUR life?

You need THIS power-packed collection!

Join Drenda for these three mentorship sessions she personally selected to help you discover what you need to know about faith and the Kingdom of God. Learn how you can unleash incredible power and see the promises of God come to pass in your own life.

Get motivated and invigorated to run your best race with God in this compilation of THE BEST OF THE BEST from Drenda's annual women's conferences.

Ready, Set, Run! includes these three teachings:

  • Go, Fight, Win!
  • Ready to Rise
  • Setting Life Goals

Get Up and Go! and Ready, Set, Run! package by Gary and Drenda Keesee

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