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The Power of Your Words 2 CD set
Did you know that when you talk, you release power, for good or for bad?

So, what have you been saying?

Are your words working FOR you or AGAINST you? Are your words hindering God's promises in your life? Are they ruining your future?

Find out if you've been short-circuiting the blessings of God in your life with your own word and how to change it if you have been. Join Gary Keesee as he shares how to discover the power of your words to release the Kingdom of God into your life and the lives of others.

Kingdom Classics Collector's Edition box set
This Kingdom Classics collector's edition set contains soft black leatherette versions of Gary's complete 5 book Your Financial Revolution book series:
  • The Power of Allegiance
  • The Power of Rest
  • The Power of Strategy
  • The Power of Provision
  • The Power of Generosity

The Power of Your Words and Kingdom Classic Package

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