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Amy Keesee Freudiger's new book, The 30-Day Healing Dare is a daily devotional that will help YOU receive your healing!

Amy suffered from pain for nine long years and then a 13-pound growth was discovered in her abdomen. Desperate and done with being sick, it was there in her darkest moment that God DARED her to take 30 days to change her picture of possibilities. He dared her to discover what the Bible says about supernatural healing. He also gave her five life-changing steps to accessing healing spirit, soul, and body.

This devotional is accompanied by Drenda Keesee's Healing Is For You! CD, a mentorship teaching that examines God's promise of healing and the evidence in His Word that proves you can live a long life free from health concerns.

The 30-Day Healing Dare and Healing Is For You! Package by Amy Frudiger

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