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Drenda Keesee’s thought-provoking book, They Are Coming for Your Children: The Fight We Must Win!, is a wake-up call to parents and the nation to confront and combat what is nothing less than every offensive evil that hell can unleash against the children of this generation. From transgenderism, to critical race theory, to sex trafficking, Satan is bent on destroying this generation because they are destined to bring in worldwide revival and usher in the return of Jesus Christ.

In her quest to rally the anointed mamas and courageous fathers of the Kingdom, Drenda exposes the web of deception operating in our schools, hospitals, media, world organizations, and even our own government and laws. She also identifies how biblical prophecy of the events leading to Jesus’s return is being fulfilled through these same agendas.

They Are Coming for Your Children is a revelatory guide to help you recognize and discern the times we are living in. But They Are Coming for Your Children is also full of answers and strategies to overtake these schemes, which will require courage from all of us.

We have an enemy that only wants to steal, kill, and destroy, 

and he is targeting our most vulnerable—our children.

No more!

Now, more than ever before, WE—God’s people—MUST rally and take urgent action to protect the moral and spiritual well-being of the next generation and advance the Kingdom of God! 

It’s time that we rise up and fight like heaven! We will not bow to the world’s system. 

We will stand and declare, “YOU WILL NOT HAVE OUR CHILDREN, IN JESUS’S NAME!”

Join Drenda Keesee for this incredible two-part teaching that’s a complement to her powerful book, They Are Coming for Your Children: The Fight We Must Win! Get educated, equipped, and empowered with the knowledge and tools YOU need to take a stand and fight to protect our children and grandchildren in these turbulent times. 


They are Coming for Your Children, The Fight We Must Win! Book and CD Package

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