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The world is hungry for peace. 

People spend money and time searching for peace. We buy things, try to find moments, or try to achieve something—all because we believe those things, moments, or achievements will bring peace. 

But peace can’t be found in any thing, place, or achievement.

Jesus came to give us true peace. He was the Prince of Peace, but He had peace because of what He had on the inside—the Holy Spirit. He told His disciples, “My peace (Holy Spirit) I give you,” and He left us with the same incredible gift of the Holy Spirit.

You can maintain peace in your life despite what’s going on around you, because the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, is with you. God is the God of answers!  

This five-part series is packed full of the tools you need to walk in total peace and live free from fear, with the God-given answers you need, and see the results of the Kingdom of God in EVERY area of your life.

Get encouraged by this powerful series, Total Peace

Plus, join Gary Keesee on a hunt to find lost money and transform your finances. In Fixing the Money Thing, you’ll discover:

  • No matter how bad your situation seems, it’s fixable
  • How the world’s financial system and keep-up-with-the-Joneses attitude combine to keep you poor and under pressure
  • The wealth secrets that the “money changers” don’t want you to know
  • Gary’s five proven Get Out of Debt Rules
  • How to find the overlooked money “fragments” that are the key to freedom
  • Practical strategies for restructuring your debt
  • And much more!

Let Gary lead you on an exciting journey toward financial freedom and peace.

Total Peace and Fixing the Money Thing Package

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