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"Healed Overnight: My Encounter with the Supernatural" book by Amy Keesee-Freudiger

For 9 years, Amy knew something was wrong with her body. From her back to her legs to her abdomen, she hurt. And slowly her body became disfigured, with her back full of knots and her stomach so swollen that people thought she was pregnant. Multiple doctors and many years of heartache later, she encountered something that would alter her life - and her body - forever. Read as Amy recounts the morning she awoke with a new body, and relive the experience that left her completely changed - spirit, soul and body. Learn how you can experience the same power of God as Amy shares lessons on identity, emotional health, faith, authority, and God's love. Her story will spark hope and encouragement in your heart so you can believe for your miracle. All things are possible to those who believe!

"Healing is for You" CD by Drenda Keesee

Healing can be a controversial topic. Maybe you know someone who didn't receive their healing, or someone who can quote scripture after scripture about healing but it just hasn't happened for them. Maybe that's you. Can you believe for healing for other people but you just can't seem to get hold of it for yourself? It's time to make a drastic change. Join Drenda for this mentorship teaching that examines God's Promise of Healing and the evidence in His Word that proves you can live a long life free from health concerns. Set of 10 Healing Scripture cards.

Each card has a verse of truth from God's Word concerning healing. They come in a convenient carrying case to take with you anywhere as a reminder of God's healthcare plan!

Healing is For You Package

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