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Awaken by Drenda Keesee

Get empowered, equipped, and recharged to reach your potential and become who God created you to be with these dynamic sessions from the "So Get This! Women's Conference.

Discover how to bring the super power of God into the natural things that are going on in your life so you can live a supernatural life.

Awaken the Hero Within:

Join Drenda for this life-changing message on how you can awaken the hero within you and become all that God created you to be.

Defeating the Villains:

Join Drenda as she shared this important message about the tactics the enemy tries to use against you and the weapons the Lord has equipped you with to win in life.

Brilliant Living book by Simon Bailey

Are you tired of waiting, concerned about where things are going? Or are you simply ready to shift your life, career, or business into high gear? If so, you're ready for brilliant living.

This inspirational guide will help you experience the amazing effects and reap the untold rewards of living a brilliant life. In this easily read book, author and speaker, Simon T. Bailey, walks you through eight core areas of life that must be evaluated in order to improve your life.

These key areas to growth and brilliance include:

  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Career/Business
  • Emotions
  • Mentality
  • Health
  • Social Life
  • Finances

The lessons contained within this book can be used to enhance one specific core area or several at the same time. Organized into small sections, the material can be read incrementally for greater impact. The readings will provide inspiration and practical steps that-when applied-will help you move from being an average performer to brilliant producer.

Read, affirm, and act on these principles, and you will be launched into brilliant living today!

Awaken and Brilliant Living Package

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