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There’s a reason “learned the hard way” and “school of hard knocks” are common sayings.

Because most of us have at least one story about something we wish we hadn’t learned the hard way. From something simple, like thinking you can drive your car for miles after the gas light comes on … to the embarrassing, like forgetting to check for toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe before you leave the bathroom … to the life-threatening, like thinking it’s okay to not buckle your seat belt if you’re riding in a car for just a mile or so.

Of course, it’s not necessarily a big deal to learn some things the hard way.

But why should you learn any lessons in life the hard way if you don’t have to?

After all, you have just one life. You don’t want to spend it making mistakes; learning through trial and error; or going through bad, difficult, or unpleasant experiences.

6 Things I Learned the Hard Way was written to prevent that.

This small book is guaranteed to make a big impact on your life.

Full of compelling, real-life stories, 6 Things I Learned the Hard Way can help YOU become “the wise.” Learn the top six things Gary learned the hard way by reading his stories, rather than by experiencing them or going through them yourself. It’s a mini playbook for your success the easy way in relationships, business, finances, and faith.

Learn the six things Gary learned the hard way, so you won’t have to.

6 Things I Learned the Hard Way: book by Gary Keesee

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