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You've probably heard the saying, "But wait, there's more!", at least a time or two. Take a moment and imagine God saying that to you. Not because He is trying to sell you the latest gadget, but because He wants you to know that there is so much more that He wants for your life.

In today's world, it's easy to get sidetracked. We get caught up in what's going on around us; pulled in different directions; place our focus on temporary things; and get bogged down by the busyness and pressures of the day-to-day.

But God has so much more for you. Your life is precious and valuable to Him. He created you for something special! He has a specific plan, purpose, and function for your life.

He has MORE for you than you can even imagine! It's time for you to discover the amazing things God can do through you and for you! It's time for you to have MORE of the things of God!

Join Drenda as she shares personal and humorous stories in this candid, power-packed teaching about God's desire for your life and the stumbling blocks and cycles that can undermine you and keep you from seeing His great promises and plans come to pass.

Discover how you can overcome them and reach your full potential in God!

But Wait, There's More by Drenda Keesee

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