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You have a destiny and a place that God has called you to, somewhere new He wants to lead you.

But are you really ready for it?

How do you know?

More importantly, does God know you’re ready? Does He know He can trust you?

Before you can be placed in a greater position, take on more authority, or get promoted into what He has for you, you’ll have to be tested in assignments, tasks, and experiences that will train you, prepare you, and that will determine if you can truly be trusted.

Are you ready?

Join Gary Keesee for this powerful, honest, and hard-hitting six-part series and learn:

  • How to make sure you are passing the tests to qualify for the best that God has for you.
  • What loyalty has to do with your promotion and how to know if you’re really loyal.
  • How you should respond to people and assignments so you can be trusted with the bigger-than-life things God has for you.
  • The power of the Kingdom principle of authority and why it’s so important to your future.
  • And much more!

Can God Trust You: series by Gary Keesee

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