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It's time to get real! Let go of the counterfeit!

Are you tired of going through the motions in your walk with God? Are you ready to experience authentic faith? A counterfeit relationship might look good from the outside, but when you need your faith in action, you'll be left alone and empty.

Kirsten McKinney shares how you can have a real relationship with God. You'll be equipped with tools to help you recognize an unhealthy relationship and how to fix it. You'll be challenged to examine your personal life and be more consistent in your faith and walk with God.

Kirsten has a passion for helping brands tell their stories in a way that's clear, compelling, and resonates with their audiences. She is an entrepreneur, adrenaline junkie, and CEO of Digital Growth Mastery. Kirsten is the youngest of the five Keesee children and uses her experiences to help further the Kingdom.

Counterfeit by Kirsten McKinney

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