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If you're going to win in life and fulfill the mandate and purpose that God has for you, you have to have courage! Courage is not a feeling or an emotion; it's a force that pushes you forward into all that God has for you. In fact, sometimes it takes more courage than faith to move toward your destiny.

In this 2 part set, Gary explains the importance of unleashing your courage to face any situation or circumstance that life may throw at you. The only way the enemy can stop you is through fear and intimidation, but in those times of fear, you need to rise up and unleash the courage that's inside of you!

Courage is not the absence of fear or persecution; it's the ability to press through despite the circumstances. It's the ability to do what's right, even when it's hardest. It's the determination to not back down and never give up. Get ready to activate the force of courage in your life!

Messages include:

  • Courage: Don't Play it Safe
  • Courage Under Fire

Courage Unleashed by Gary Keesee

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