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Have you ever experienced disappointed faith and found yourself asking, What happened? Where did I go wrong?

The enemy wants to steal from, kill, and destroy you, but God is a good Father who wants to give good gifts to His children. His promises are always YES and AMEN, but you have a critical role to play.

It's time to learn the truth about Disappointed Faith, so YOU can experience the dramatic change in your life and prosper in your God-designed dreams!

Join Gary Keesee and Tim Keesee for this in-depth, candid teaching on what to do when circumstances come against you, why people have disappointed faith, and how to overcome disappointment in your life.

This powerful, 4 CD Set will help you:

  • Identify what has shortcut your faith or other people's faith in the past.
  • Stand on God's Word when difficult situations arise.
  • Learn the lies of the enemy that deceive you and keep you from knowing the truth about God's character.
  • Unlock how to recover from disappointments and stand strong in your assignment.
God loves you. He created you. He wants to bless you. Once you learn who God is, who you are in His Kingdom, and stand on what His Word says about your situation, you can see His promises come to pass every time in your life!

Help God! It's Not Working 2 CD Set by Drenda Keesee

Have you ever asked this question, or felt this way? Many people in today's society struggle with not seeing their faith work. They have heard over and over again the principles of God's Word and faith, and yet, they never see the fruit in their own life. This CD series breaks down the truth of God's Word and gives you a practical and simple outlook on faith. You will feel refreshed and encouraged after you explore this journey of faith with Drenda Keesee.

Disappointed Faith Package

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