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Do you know why flower seed packets always have pictures of big, beautiful, brightly colored flowers on the front, or fruit and vegetable seeds always have pictures of oversized, lush looking versions of that fruit or vegetable on the fronts?

Have you ever wondered why seed packets don’t just show pictures of shriveled little seeds stuck in piles of dirt?

It’s not just good marketing. As humans, we want to see the end result. The pictures help us imagine the harvest that is coming. That’s why we don’t focus on the dirt, and we shouldn’t.

But have you been looking at the “dirt” when you plant the promises of God in your heart and in your life? Has looking at the “dirt” kept you from seeing the harvest God has for your life?

Join Gary Keesee for this thought-provoking session and find out as you discover how to plant seeds of faith and get ready to see God produce incredible things in your life.

Don't Look at the Dirt by Gary Keesee

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