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Like walking through a funhouse full of mirrors that distort your image, many of us are walking through life with a distorted view of ourselves and of God. We are looking at the world through the eyes of fear, and let's face it, fear makes every problem seem impossibly huge. It makes us imagine things. It makes us lose sight of reality.

In this powerful series, Gary shows us the reality of the Kingdom and tackles the distorted perceptions behind fear, anxiousness, worry, and lack. Gary shows how you can do more than cope with fear and anxiousness--you can obliterate them. You can do more than pray for an umbrella in the storm, you can silence the storm!

Your faith will grow as you hear Gary's personal stories, testimonies, and insights into the powerful Kingdom of God that is in YOU. You will be able to face impossible situations with the unstoppable force of faith!

Messages in this series:

  • Take No Thought for Tomorrow
  • Why are you so Afraid?
  • I Will Fear No Evil

Fear Not by Gary Keesee

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