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This six part download contains life-changing messages pulled together specifically to encourage you, to help you be a witness for the Kingdom of God, and boldly model and stand for the principles of faith, family, and freedom as God designed them.

The brand-new Faith, Family, and Freedom Collection contains:

9 Steps to Win in Life

As believers, we have a responsibility to work with God. We have a part to play in capturing territory for Him, and that requires that we step out and into things, into the culture, not just into church buildings. Whether you realize it or not, and whether you like it or not, you live in a political environment. God is really into government. And so is Satan. So what do you need to know? What actions do you need to take? Join Gary Keesee for this impactful message, and learn the nine steps to fix your life, take the territory you’re called to occupy, and fix our nation.

Building a Family that Outlasts the Culture

We should build our families in the same way we build a house-by laying a firm foundation and building upon that with sturdy materials. Join Drenda Keesee for this heavy-hitting message that will help you set priorities and lay the right foundation for your family, or begin rebuilding your family's foundation so, together, you can outlast the culture.

What You See in the Mirror

This candid and compelling message from Amy Keesee Freudiger hits hard. It's about what is probably the most difficult subject to deal with-ourselves. Why? Because Satan hates God, and he hates you because of the identity you have in God. So he will continue to do everything he can to attack that and attempt to destroy you. You don't want to miss this session with Amy as she shares the tactics of the enemy you must know, the lies he wants you to accept as truth, and the weapons you may not realize you already have in your arsenal that you can use to fight back, find freedom, and walk in truth.

The Power of Decision

Tim Keesee packs plenty of humor into this encouraging and motivating message that will speak right to your heart about drawing lines in the sand, running the race God has called you to, and holding on to His promises. Listen and discover how to set your standards and have a clear vision of who you are and where you're going. After all, an unbelieving world is watching. Are you properly representing God?

Behind the Music Interview with Tommy Saint

This powerful and eye-opening interview with Tom Keesee tackles how media and marketing are taking aim at our families and children and radically impacting our culture. What can we do to fight back? How can parents protect their kids? How can we reach children and keep these things from systematically destroying our young people? Get answers to these questions and more in this timely message.

Don't Be a Chicken

This lighthearted and matter-of-fact session with Polly Keesee Patton and Kirsten Keesee McKinney keeps it real for sure. The way they banter with one another as they share practical points to help you not be a chicken in life might have you laughing so hard that you don't even realize you're actually learning Kingdom principles
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Faith, Family, and Freedom Collection

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