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The war is on! Are you prepared for battle? In her brand-new E-Book,

Fight Like Heaven: A Cultural Guide to Living on Guard, Drenda Keesee identifies the Seven Mountains of Influence that the antichrist spirit has invaded-family, government, church, education, media, arts, and health-and shows you precisely how to fight like heaven, kick out hell, and take back these mountains for the Kingdom of God!

In her quest to lead you into these cultural, spiritual, and personal battlefronts, Drenda leaves no stone unturned as she uncovers and exposes the enemy's shocking last days agendas to deceive, enslave, impoverish, and kill God's most prized creation-people-while taking particular aim at destroying our children from the inside out.

Fight Like Heaven provides answers to the urgent questions facing every believer in these times, including:


  • Are we living in the last days?
  • What is your purpose for being here in this time, and what can you do?
  • How are you to handle the warfare in this eleventh hour and know the right decisions to make for your family, freedom, country, and faith?
  • Is it possible to stand up and fight this "war on God" as a believer and find peace and provision above this world's chaotic systems?
  • How do you engage this battle in the realms of heaven while having an impact on the seven mountains of influence on Earth?


As Drenda writes, "The mountains of influence are converging for the end of times, and you are needed to influence them for eternity." God has called every man, woman, and child to be on guard and speak the truth with love-but without compromise.

It's time to fight to take the mountains of influence!

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Fight Like Heaven eBook by Drenda Keesee

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