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Fixing the Money Thing Book

The typical American family is staggering under a crushing load of debt-adjustable rate mortgages, car loans that stretch to seven years and stacks of maxed-out credit cards with interest rates that can easily jump to 25% or higher.

Financial expert Gary Keesee has been there. Then he and his wife Drenda discovered and applied God's spiritually powerful but profoundly practical keys to financial freedom. Since that discovery, they have dedicated their lives to leading others on that same journey to peace, freedom and financial victory.

Join Gary on a hunt to find lost money and transform your finances. In Fixing the Money Thing, you'll discover:

  • No matter how bad your situation seems, it's fixable
  • How the world's financial system and keep-up-with-the-Joneses attitude combine to keep you poor and under pressure
  • The wealth secrets that the "money changers" don't want you to know
  • Gary's five proven Get Out of Debt Rules
  • How to find the overlooked money "fragments" that are the key to freedom
  • Practical strategies for restructuring your debt
  • And much more...
Let Gary Keesee lead you on an exciting journey toward financial freedom and peace.

Fixing the Money Thing Book

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