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The parables of Jesus and the Word of God are hidden mysteries to many, but they don't have to be to you!

As a child of God, the mysteries, the principles and laws of the Kingdom of God should be hidden from the enemy but open to you!

Join Gary Keesee for this incredible six-part series, and get ready to have your eyes opened to the things that may have always seemed hidden in the Kingdom of God!

It's time to discover the knowledge and direction you need to reach your destiny!

Packed with clear revelation about how the Kingdom of God operates, as well as stories, humor, personal experiences, and Scriptures, these six messages will give you an understanding and clarity concerning the Kingdom of God that you've never had before. You can walk with God in complete confidence and success!

Series Includes:

  • It's Time For a Treasure Hunt
  • Hard + Impossible = Promotion
  • The Still, Small Voice
  • The Truth And Nothing But The Truth
  • I Can See Clearly Now
  • God Sounds like My Boss

Hidden series by Gary Keesee

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