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Something was terribly wrong with Amy's body. It began with the strange sensation of not being able to pull in her stomach, but soon turned to nearly constant abdominal, back, and leg pain, as well as disfigurement with knots up and down her spine and her stomach so swollen that people thought she was six months pregnant.

For nine very long years, Amy suffered with pain and self-image issues as, unbeknownst to her and her parents, a tumor grew in her abdomen. Finally, after multiple doctor visits and many years of heartache, Amy encountered something that altered her life, and her body, forever.

Get encouraged and renew your hope as you read the details of Amy's battle and the incredible experience that left her spirit, soul, and body completely changed and healed from a 13-pound tumor.

Learn how you can experience the same power and promise in your life.

Healed Overnight Book by Amy Keesee-Freudiger

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