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One day we will all stand before the Lord and give an account for our time here on Earth. We are given an assignment with a specific time to complete it. God has equipped you with everything you need to accomplish your purpose and destiny. The question is, will you stay the course?

In this 2-CD set, Gary Keesee breaks down the enemy's strategy and gives you practical tools to overcoming the lies and mirage of deception the enemy tries to put in front of you. Gary uses real life stories and Biblical truths in a powerful way to help you stay the course and finish strong. It's time to move forward and fulfill God's plan for your life. God has called you to great things. Don't settle for mediocrity when He has provided you with the ability for victory!

This set includes messages on:

  • Who Are You? - Gary breaks down some of the enemy's tricks to getting you off track and shines light on the fact that your answer is in the mirror.
  • How to Recognize Opportunity - When is it time to move forward? Gary uses the illustration of David versus Goliath to bring home the point that conflict creates opportunity.

How to Win Your Race: by Gary Keesee

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