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God created the human body and the body of Christ to work together, and every body part and every person in the body of Christ has an important part to play.

Your entire body was designed by God to work together, and so was the body of Christ. Just like the quarterback needs his teammates, and the body needs all of its parts, we need each other.

You weren't meant to do life alone. You were designed for community. You were designed to be a part of a team. You were designed to be part of something bigger than yourself.

Join Gary and Drenda Keesee and Faith Life Church Executive Pastors, Tim and Alecia Keesee, for this two-part mentorship teaching that will help you hear from God, live the life He has planned for you, and finish your race together with the people He has placed on your "team." This includes both MP3 and MP4s of these two powerful messages.
(4 files. Total size approx. 3.99GB)

It Takes a Team 2 MP3 2 MP4 Digital Combo

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