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Gary Keesee was broke. Facing thousands of dollars in debt, judgments, tax liens, and creditors, he was also hopeless.

That was until the day he discovered that the Bible had a lot to say about money. Desperate, he began to study the mysteries of financial increase that Jesus taught, and by applying what he learned, he became completely debt free. He has since helped hundreds of thousands of people learn what he discovered--the money mysteries taught by Jesus.

Join Gary as he uses everyday examples, amazing stories, and Jesus' parables to shed light on the powerful truths of the Bible and how they are relevant to:

  • Paying your bills.
  • Providing for your family.
  • Making ends meet.
  • Marketplace ministry.
  • Having wealth for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God.

You will be amazed at the shocking, supernatural stories throughout this book and encouraged by the candor, wit, honesty, and wisdom used to teach the Word of God. You will agree--Gary Keesee makes understanding finances and the Word of God easy.

Money Mysteries From the Master Book by Gary Keesee

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