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In this 12 session series, The Mystery of Giving, Gary Keesee teaches how we must be ready to quickly capture the harvest using the proper net. God will train us, and we can be sure that we will indeed haul that catch to shore if we faint not. Gary teaches how to stop thinking in terms of "miracle money," or what he calls "mailbox mentality."

God can do amazing things to bless you through unsuspecting avenues, but those instances are usually for deliverance when we are standing in front of the Red Sea, not for building a life and legacy in subduing the Promised Land. Learn how to work with God, prepare for the harvest with eyes wide open, doing your part to capture every opportunity that God puts in front of you!

Yes, God has an incredible harvest in your future, and He is cheering you on every step of the way! This incredible series, "The Mystery of Giving: What to Do Between Sowing and Reaping," teaches you how to be led by God's voice, how to understand what to do in the time between when you sow and when you reap, how to stay in faith once you sow, how to watch for opportunities in the marketplace, how to build wealth so you can be a blessing to others, and so much more!

Included: 4 CDs (12 Sessions)

Mystery of Giving series by Gary Keesee

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