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If you’re looking for fun, life-changing resources on family and relationships, this package was made for you! Included in this power-packed collection:

The New Vintage Family book:

In The New Vintage Family, Drenda shows you how to embrace God's design for family, and how to refashion your family while pursuing your destiny together. In a world that has traded the ability to mentor children God's way for a world of fast-paced instant gratification, we need real answers to the modern day struggles we face as parents.

Drenda combines her wit, humorous stories, and dynamic teaching to equip you with the tools you need to make parenting fun again.

Make It Fun CD:

Sit down with Drenda Keesee for this candid session about family life and the importance of having fun together.

As a mother of five, Drenda has learned the true ingredients for family enjoyment, laughter, and pleasure. Join her as she shares her personal journey of family fulfillment along with stories of family vacations and how to share, care, and laugh together.

In this teaching, learn:

  • That God finds pleasure in His children and we need to learn how to also!
  • How to build satisfying family relationships.
  • How to work hard, play hard, build the best family memories, and more!

Love Story 4-CD Set

Most newlyweds dream of an amazing lifelong love story full of romance, friendship, and wonderful memories. What happens when the cares of life begin to crowd out that wonderful dream? In this series, you’ll hear the Keesee’s personal stories and learn how they have written their love story through more than 35 years of marriage. It’s time to rewrite your love story, rekindle the passion, and start living your happily ever after!

Included in this series:

  • The Fairytale Syndrome: Expectations.
  • Communicate; It’s Not Too Late.
  • Husband, Wives, and Money.
  • Created for Intimacy.

New Vintage Family Package

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