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The most powerful message of the Gospel isn't that Jesus died, it's that He rose again. Jesus paid for sin. He overcame death and every power of darkness.

He made you a son or daughter of God Almighty, and that means you get some amazing benefits.

But, do you know what they are?

Available exclusively to new friends of Faith Life Now, the Finished package details the promises you already have as a child of God. This package includes:

1. Finished CD - What have you been believing God for? Peace? Restoration? Abundance? Healing? In this message from Gary Keesee, discover how it is already finished!

2. Finished mini-book - Use this amazing little workbook to stand on the promises of God and declare His promises as "finished" in your life!

3. Two-CD Case to hold both your Going Farther and Finished CDs

Finished 2CD/Book PKG

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