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Years ago, you could collect glass bottles and return them to be recycled. It was a moneymaker - collect some bottles and make some money. It was simple.

It's not so simple anymore.

In today's world, you're not promised a return on anything - not on your time and not on your investments.

In fact, most people think that you need to work hard, sweat, put in a bunch of effort, and give of yourself, making "deposit" after "deposit," in order to just hope to see a return.

But that's not how it works in the Kingdom of God.

In God's Kingdom, it's still simple. His laws never change.

If you make a deposit into the Kingdom of God, you will get a return.

Join Gary Keesee for this remarkable series and discover how you can partner with God in the "people business" and experience incredible new levels of success.

Get a better understanding of the powerful Kingdom principle of generosity, the Kingdom of God, and how they operate in these four messages full of fresh revelation and powerful examples from the Word of God. Hear inspiring personal stories about Gary and other real people who applied this Kingdom principle in their own lives and experienced a drastic change as a result.

No Deposit No Return by Gary Keesee

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