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God wants you blessed and prosperous so you can be generous on every occasion!

You will never be free until you are financially free. And as Drenda and I have said for the last 30 years, you will never discover who you really are and walk in the spiritual purpose for your life until you fix the money thing.


I proved it, and thousands of others have as well. God's grace is there to help you. There are things you are called to do that you will never be able to accomplish without finances. You must get financially free not only for yourself and your family but also so people can see the Kingdom of God operating in your life.

People are looking for answers. They are looking for the real deal. They desperately need to see the Kingdom and not religion.

God is good, and He is generous! When we are generous, we are sharing God's heart for people. Like taking a sip of cold water on a very hot day, being generous brings relief and hope to a world that is in the desert of poverty. In this fifth and final book in the Your Financial Revolution series by Gary Keesee, discover how you can partner with God in His assignments and experience incredible new levels of success.

Get a clear understanding of the powerful Kingdom principle of generosity and how it operates in this remarkable book full of fresh revelation, powerful examples from the Word of God, and inspiring personal stories about Gary and others who applied the power of generosity in their own lives and experienced drastic change as a result. Generosity shows people your heart and God's heart for them.

The Power of Generosity Book by Gary Keesee

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