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Buckle your seat belt, Friend! Warp speed is an extremely high speed of change, development, or movement. We expect God to move in your life at an unprecedented rate. What used to take years to manifest will spring up quickly! God needs you and the plan that He has for you.

Destiny isn't a place; it's people. God wants to empower you and fill you with His wisdom and strategy to impact people. In this powerful 5-part teaching, you'll receive the keys to reach more people with God's strategy for you. So, get ready to learn how to travel with God at warp speed!

Main Session One: It's About Significance by Gary Keesee

You are an amazing story waiting to happen! Where do you want to go? You have to have a destination or you'll never get there. Most people live in self-inflicted walls of mediocrity, but now is the time to break out! Join Gary for this powerful main session as he shares the keys you need to live a life of significance.

Main Session Two: Excellence Is in the Little Things by Dave Anderson

The Law of Attraction in business is this: You don't attract what you want; you attract what you are. Excellence is about taking care of what you have. Join Dave in this quotable main session as he challenges you to live a life of excellence. Excellence is found in the small things!

Main Session Three: Warp Speed by Gary Keesee

Warp Speed is not possible by yourself. You are not bound by the ordinary way. Warp speed is available to you. Getting things done in the Kingdom will take supernatural speed and wisdom. Join Gary in this fast-paced main session as he encourages you to finish your assignment and prepare to enter the Promised Land.

Main Session Four: Train like an Athlete, Live like a Champion by Dave Anderson

If you want to live a game-changer's life, you've got to do what most people aren't willing to do. Excellence is impossible without talent. You have to be wise enough to know what you're not good at. Success leaves clues, and so does failure. Join Dave for this practical and applicable main session as he shares the secrets that champions live by.

Main Session Five: The Power of Celebration by Gary and Drenda Keesee

When you start on a marriage journey with God, you think everything will be rosy. It's not. There's warfare. You're one in spirit, but you have to become one in the flesh. Join Gary and Drenda as they tag-team on the importance of partnership, leadership in marriage, and the power of celebration.

Workshop Session One: Be Aware of the Devil's Schemes by Drenda Keesee, Aaron Ward, Amanda Lenhart, and Tim Keesee

Fear. Manipulation. Lies. That's what Satan does to set up strongholds. We must know our enemy, our adversary, to overcome him. We cannot be complacent anymore. We must speak the truth. Join Drenda as she facilitates a panel discussion on the need for Christians to live on guard in today's culture.

Workshop Session Two: Getting Out of Debt by Steve Higgins

It's challenging to take care of Kingdom assignments if you can't care for yourself. The enemy has a very clear plan for your life. The question is, do you have a plan for your life? The truth is that God has not put anybody in charge of your provision but you. Join Steve as he shares the four critical steps to investment strategies to help you get out of debt quicker!

Workshop Session Three: The IRS and You by Dan Pilla

You didn't get hit with a tax penalty because you didn't pay your taxes; penalties come from simple, honest mistakes. If Satan himself had created the 1040 tax form, it wouldn't be worse than it is right now. Join Dan as he practically explains taxes, the IRS, and you. You'll receive insightful information to help you save on your taxes.

Workshop Session Four: Digital Marketing on Fire: 10 Secrets for Rapid Growth by Kirsten McKinney

As more businesses compete to own the narrative, digital marketing is no longer an optional play. So, what are you telling the world? And are they taking notice? Kirsten has grown social accounts by hundreds of thousands of followers with videos scaling up to 9M views. Join Kirsten as she unpacks the 10 critical principles of digital marketing that you need to increase sales, make better connections, and achieve faster personal and professional growth.

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