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This is the companion to Gary's book
"Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Rest"


Do you crave it?

Do you find yourself living for the end of your workdays, your weekends, your vacations, or your retirement?

You weren't created to live that way. You weren't created to live tired, pushing through life, or dreaming of a time when you can just stop running.

You were created to live a life of rest. You were created to live in a place where your needs are met; where you're free from the rat race; free to find and prosper in your purpose and passion; where you're prospering past survival; and where you're demonstrating results to the world that are different than what they normally see. I know living a life of rest sounds impossible but it's not!

This study guide, designed as the ultimate companion on your journey to understanding and applying the life-changing principles you're learning as you read the book, Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Rest, will help you get there to YOUR completely revolutionized life.

Get ready to discover a whole new way of living!

Your Financial Revolution: Power of Rest Workbook

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