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Every woman wants to find It!

I have spent most of my life searching for IT!

My personal quest to find the answer to the frightening question, Who am I? led me through the women's movement, with its vast array of women's television programs and magazines and self-help books. They told me who I was supposed to be, but their definition of womanhood was always changing just enough to keep me chasing for the elusive answer. They never showed me how to truly be happy.

Every woman desires to be loved and to love the woman she has become, through all the seasons and changes of life. We all want the keys that help us discover our identity and value and how to truly live our lives as women's to discover what makes us happy and how we can find true success as well as relationships that won't disappoint us and leave us broken.

After living this life for forty-plus years, I can finally say, I GET IT! And IT is not what you may think IT is, but IT will change your life as well!
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