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In Shark Proof, Drenda Keesee is not talking about the kind of sharks you see on shark week. She’s talking about the kind of sharks you encounter every week—at work, in relationships, and even at church! In this riveting new book, Drenda unlocks powerful secrets to overcoming one of the greatest problems we face: dealing with difficult people.In this package, you will receive:
  • Shark Proof paperback book
  • Shark Proof “People aren’t the problem; they’re the reason” semi-fitted T-shirt
  • Shark Proof baseball cap

This incredible package will help you to not only swim with the sharks but also will teach you how to get in the water, and identify and let go of intimidators, manipulators, and naysayers in your life, so you can experience peace, hope, and real happiness!

Shark Proof Packages

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