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If you're just coasting through life, coping with whatever comes at you, accepting things as they are, or enduring the same circumstances and situations, it's time for you to make an adjustment. It's time for you to get the P-factor.

Join Gary Keesee for this incredible series that will help you change your thinking, persevere through circumstances, and win in life. Get a new understanding and clarity about the Kingdom of God and how it operates in these six messages full of fresh revelation, the Word of God, and plenty of personal stories.


  • Important tools you need to help you persevere through challenges and overcome.
  • The advantages of pressure and frustration. (Yes, there really are some!)
  • What your friends have to do with your success.
  • How God's system is perfectly designed to train you for your destiny.
  • And much more!

Take a close look at the lives of people who have experienced real change and success. You'll find they switched gears, added energy, took time, really invested themselves, and persevered instead of endured.

You'll find they had the P-factor.

Your story can be one of real change, success, and winning in life.

You just need the P-factor.

The P-Factor Series by Gary Keesee

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