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In this special package, you'll hear from Drenda Keesee and other successful women in business.

Family in Business

Featuring Drenda Keesee, Polly Patton, Sarah Kelly, Sabrina Warner, Kathy Patrick

The Bible says God will make you rich in every way so you can be generous on every occasion. Being rich in every way includes having a strong family and strong relationships. Get encouraged and inspired as this panel of women leaders share their experiences in balancing family and business, working with family, fostering relationships, and much more!

Sail On: Stay True to Your Captain

by Drenda Keesee

Real treasure is about much more than money. The world may define it that way, but God's definition is completely different. Join Drenda Keesee for this motivating and energizing message full of impactful personal stories, humor, and practical examples, and discover how you can have success God's way and build a legacy of success in every area of your life.

Taking Territory: Women in Business

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