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Inheritance - to receive as a legacy or promise; to come into possession of or receive as a rightful heir; the acquisition of a possession from past generations

What would you do if you received an official, verifiable notification that you were to receive an inheritance from the wealthiest person on the planet?

If you said you'd dance or jump around or scream or cry happy tears, well, go right ahead.

Because you have an inheritance from someone who has more than any person on the planet.

You have an inheritance from God Himself.

And you have access to all of it right now.

Join Gary Keesee for this eye-opening 6-part series as he shares exactly what your inheritance from God is and how you can receive it for yourself.

Includes the messages:

  • Part One: The Wealthiest Person on the Earth Left You His Will
  • Part Two: What Is Your Inheritance?
  • Part Three: Will You Take the Opportunity?
  • Part Four: Do You Know Who You Are? The Importance of Identity
  • Part Five: You Have the Authority
  • Part Six: Getting Involved in the Family Business

Claiming Your Kingdom Inheritance USB Drive by Gary Keesee

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