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You Are Here 5 Part Download

Headlines show that our world is changing drastically. But are YOU making a drastic change in our world?

The Great Commission - to go into our world and share God's Kingdom - should have come with a warning label that states "Change Required." Significant change is required to have significant impact, and all of us want a life that causes an impact. There has never been a time in history like the 21st century, and YOUR time to live the life of the Great Commission is right now. However, it will require a change in your mindset, your priorities, and your relationships.

In You Are Here, Gary and Drenda Keesee sound a call to action for all believers to rise up and take their place in the culture, in the marketplace, and in their realm of influence. With a hard look at the facts concerning this generation and society as a whole, you will be challenged to live a life that is sensitive to the urgency of history. Gary and Drenda give practical, hands-on teaching that you can apply TODAY, so you can start leaving a significant impact wherever you are, wherever you go.


(5 files. Total size approx. 263.6MB)

You Are Here Download

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