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Your Vision Determines Your Outcome 5-CD set

Too many people sit down once a year, write down their goals, and then shove them in their side table drawer never to look at them again or see them come to pass

It's time for a NEW VISION-one that's more than words on paper but an expectation! When you can see it, you can occupy it!

Join Gary Keesee in this eye-opening teaching that combines the practical and spiritual principles you need to see your dreams and goals become realities. Get ready to activate your vision, build your faith, go beyond writing goals, and start seeing them come to pass! With God, the impossible is possible! You'll learn to:

  • Understand the spiritual process for creating a vision for your life
  • Use your imagination to propel you toward your destiny
  • Use your passions to propel you forward
  • Increase your capacity by delegation and preparation
  • Understand God’s timing in regard to your vision

Your Vision Determines Your Outcome 5-CD set

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