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Your Financial Revolution Series on CD

For thousands of years, men witnessed the potential of electricity through lightning but never considered that they could harness its power for their own use.

For thousands of years, men witnessed the everyday mystery of birds flying through the air with ease but never considered flying themselves.

Electricity and flight have literally changed the way the world operates, and the way we live, yet for thousands of years, they were both overlooked. Thousands of years!

Just like the laws of electricity and flight were already in place, so are the laws of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus made our access to the Kingdom legal, yet most people read the stories in the Bible of what Jesus was able to do much like our ancestors viewed electricity and lightning acknowledging that, yes, the events happened, but never envisioning the power of those things for themselves.

But Jesus said that the same things that we see Him doing, we have the ability to do as well. The Kingdom of God has already been given to us. We just have to understand its laws.

I've heard SO MANY incredible stories of people whose lives have been dramatically changed once they gained an understanding of how the Kingdom of God operates and started implementing its principles in their lives. My personal story is just one of thousands!

Because I experienced the life-changing principles of the Kingdom myself years ago, I purposely created an entire conference dedicated to this foundational Kingdom training; it's called Your Financial Revolution.

Your Financial Revolution was specifically designed to help you understand the laws that govern the Kingdom of God so you can apply them to your everyday life. Everyone needs to hear these foundational teachings.

This powerful, Financial Revolution includes:

  • It's Time For Your Financial Revolution
  • Potiphar Principle
  • Living in the Day of Rest
  • Wealth by the Holy Spirit
  • Access to Heaven's Abundance
  • The Power of the Measure

Your Financial Revolution Audio Set by Gary Keesee

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