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We are living in difficult times. It's so easy to fall into a survival mode mindset. God wants you to thrive! He desires for you to take territory and advance His Kingdom on the earth! God doesn't just want to increase your wealth; He wants to enlarge the impact you'll have in His business - the people business.

Are you tired of trying to do things on your own with no tangible results? In this five-teaching set, you'll be encouraged and equipped to do business God's way! God's heart is to reach people - you have the option to get involved or not. If you get involved, His grace goes to work to help you have the funds to do so.

Main Session One: "The House That Wisdom Built" by Tim Keesee

God has a purpose for you, a reason for your life. But what do you do if you feel like things aren't changing? How do you know if you're where you're supposed to be?

Join Tim Keesee for this humorous but impactful message on how to get clarity from God on your next steps so you can keep moving forward into the incredible future God has for you.

Main Session Two: "Taking Territory with God" by Gary Keesee

God is looking over the earth to find people who are willing to partner with Him in business, carry out His assignments, and fund His assignments.

If you understand this process, you don't have to look any further for the opportunity of a lifetime!

What is God's business? What is the reward of partnering with Him? How can you get involved?

Join Gary for this powerful main session as he answers these questions and shares life-changing testimonies from others about the Kingdom principle of generosity.

Main Session Three: "Summoning the Ships" by Gary Keesee

God said, "Summon the ships!"

What does that mean? What does that have to do with you and your God-designed purpose?

Join Gary for this moving and prophetic session and find out how you can partner with God in this assignment that will completely change your life.

Main Session Four: "Reinventing Your Career After COVID-19: The Moment Is Now" by Phil Cooke

People normally hate change, but our world has changed so much over the past 18 months that people aren't just open to change, they expect change. So if you want to change something about your life, your ministry, your company, or your work, this is the moment to do it.

Join filmmaker, writer, media consultant, and co-founder of Cooke Media Group Phil Cooke for this humorous, engaging, and inspiring main session packed with tips on how to figure out what you're wired to do and effectively reinvent yourself to get there.

Main Session Five: "Sail On: Stay True to Your Captain" by Drenda Keesee

Real treasure is about much more than money. The world may define it that way, but God's definition is completely different.

Join Drenda Keesee for this motivating and energizing message full of impactful personal stories, humor, and practical examples, and discover how you can have success God's way and build a legacy of success in every area of your life.

Provision 2021 5 CD Set Main Sessions

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